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A profusion of real Indian curries prepared with superior handpicked ingredients awaits you at Curry Pot, a Woodville-based eatery. Following pot cooking artistry and incorporating contemporary techniques, we prepare dishes bound to delight your taste buds. Order online now to have a great takeaway experience.

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What Our Clients Say’s

This evening, the food delivered to us taste awesome. We're ordering for the first time, but we'll do it again.

Ellen Worth

Fantastic, fresh, and delicious food. The best tikka masala I've ever had! Delivery was very quick.

Aleksandra Tarasiuk

Amazing cuisine and wonderful staff service; I'll return here without a doubt.

melanie campbell

It's always a pleasure to visit tameraskitchen. I would give the food and service a 10/10. It is the best curry in Worcester, I would not go anywhere else!